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I started my journey as a professional driver with a traveling agency & soon I realized that it’s a great way to meet my Incredible India. Through this I could meet the different people & their culture a bit from different part of the world. Seeing my great interest in this work, my family members, colleagues & friends suggested me to take the next step. It clicked me & with the help of my partner I bought my new car & start serving my guests on my own. Now with years of experience, I am doing in it well. I have my repeated guests from European countries & meanwhile I got suggestion from my precious guests to spread my network. I made a group of skilled & professional drivers and established an organization. Our objective is to give all the possible services to make a tour a memory.
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Why Us :

A driver is the first & last person who has all the responsibilities of his guest & it is his service on which it depend weather the tour is a success or a failure. We have cut the mediator & his margin which in short a gain to the guest. My strength is my positive attitude & quick response. Our organization works on the motto of the tourism department of India that is “Atithi Devo Bhavah”, which means that the guests are the God & do serve them.

Sunil Day Tour About UsCustomer satisfaction refers to the emotional response that people feel after making a purchase from a company. The more positive the level of customer satisfaction, the more likely the purchaser is to come back and buy again and to recommend that company to others who are looking for what the seller has to offer. Word of mouth and referrals are often the most promising ways for a business to grow

sunil day tour slider imageTravelling in India is an attraction on its own, particularly if you travel by car.

If you enjoy road trips in spectacular nature and prefer to be able to travel at your own pace, there are plenty of options for a round trip through some of the best Fjord Norway has to offer. You may choose from any of the 18 National Tourist Routes, and you will be amazed of the beauty, the spectacular nature, and you can stop at some incredible viewing points for photos to bring back home.

You will drive along steep and narrow roads, twisting and turning along the fjords and the mountainsides, along the seashore and in the valleys, and you should make sure to stop to visit some of the villages, taste the local food and perhaps go for a hike in the high mountains. Why not drive through the Lærdal tunnel, which is the longest tunnel in the world, and a sight of its own?

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A is an individual’s journey through learning, work and other aspects of life. There are a number of ways to define a career and the term is used in a variety of ways.

The main idea behind travel or holiday insurance is to cover you for cost of medical treatment abroad – which could go into thousands of pounds. It could also pay for you to be transported home in an emergency.

Policies do vary depending on the provider, but they usually cover emergency medical treatment costs, like hospital charges and ambulance fees. If you can’t use your original ticket because of an illness or injury, you’re usually covered to get home after your treatment.  A friend or relative could staying with you while you’re treated, with costs covered by the insurance, or fly out from home to support.

Travelling well starts with fine food and the best ingredients.

That’s why we create our dishes with locally-sourced and sustainable produce whenever possible.

Our menus are ever changing, taking the opportunity to incorporate fresh vegetables and fruits which are in season, while also offering light and healthy dining options.

Booking an apartment rather than a hotel room when visiting a Asia city for a cultural break with children makes perfect sense. Not only will you save a fortune by eating in, but you’ll have more space and some sense of living as a local. If you don’t want to forgo the hotel perks of daily cleaning, room service, ready-made breakfasts and a nightly rate (some apartment agencies set a minimum of three nights), then an ‘apart-hotel’ could provide the best of both worlds.